The Blue Mango Quest
User's manual
Last update : October, 4th. 2001.

Always read the release notes for your version before playing !

1. Introduction

The Blue Mango Quest is a kind of Pacman clone. Thus, the goal is to eat all the gums that are on the floor. These gums are called DituBoxes (in fact, they are not gums : you probably noticed that they have the shape of tuna's box (hmmm...)). Once you've eaten all DituBoxes , you have won !
The problem is that you are in a labyrinth with nasty Shmolluxs. A Shmollux is a monster that wants to eat you. If they manage to eat you, you loose a life.
But you can eat them, too : you just need to eat a very special bonus called "ShmixGum".

2. Winning conditions

To finish a map, you have to eat all Dituboxes (the small blue boxes on the floor) and, if needed, go to the winning post.

3. Controls

(NEW) In-game menu: ESC
(NEW) Strategic minimap: TAB

- Standard controls
Step left: LEFT arrow
Step right: RIGHT arrow
Walk forward: UP arrow
Walk backward: DOWN arrow

Look around: mouse motion
Center the view: END key (close to PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN keys)

- (NEW) Alternate contols
Rotate left: LEFT arrow
Rotate right: RIGHT arrow
Walk forward: UP arrow
Walk backward: DOWN arrow
Look up/down: Page UP/DOWN and center with End

- Use stocked bonus: see 6.1 section.

4. Bonus and malus

Follow this link to read the table of bonus and malus.

 4.1. Stockable bonus

You can use a stocked bonus in two different ways :
- Keyboard: press the F1, F2, F3 or F4 key for slot 1 (Armaggedon), 2 (Shockwave), 3 (HighSpeed) or 4 (StopTime) ;
- Mouse: change selected bonus slot with right-click (e.g. click two times to select Shockwave) and left-click to use this bonus. Once you've used the bonus, no slot is selected (e.g. you'll have to click 3 times  to select High-speed).

 4.2 Bonus priorities

There are some rules to know concerning priorities between bonus and malus.

Bonus is active
Malus is active
Bonus is picked
New bonus replaces the old one.
You have to wait for the malus to finish before you can take it.
Malus is picked New malus replaces the old bonus.
You have to wait for the malus to finish before you can take it.

The ShmixGum and Life are independent from the other items.

You cannot activate High-Speed and StopTime stocked bonus while a malus is active, but you can do it with ShockWave and Armaggedon.

5. Shmolluxes : eat or be eaten

Shmolluxes are very angry, thus they want to eat you. They can do it if they are on the same square than you, except in the following conditions :

- you have eaten a ShmixGum and it's still active;
- you have eaten a Shield bonus and it's still active;
- you have eaten a Frozen bonus and it's still active;
- there is a bug.

If the ShmixGum or Frozen bonus are active, the Shmolluxes are afraid. You can eat them and you'll receive 200 points by Shmollux.

6. Special infrastructures

 6.1. Huts of Shmolluxes

Shmolluxes live in huts. When a shmollux dies, he re-birth in his hut. There can be several huts in the map, each of them can contain several shmolluxes.
A hut is represented by an opened manhole. Some manholes are closed : they are not huts.
A hut can be destroyed if you use your stocked Armaggedon (F2) on its square

 6.2. Teleports

A teleport is a combo of two gates.
In The Blue Mango Quest, teleports work in the 2 ways : each gate is either an entrance, or an exit.
N.B.: Shmolluxes can't use teleports.

A teleport is represented by a whirlpool.

 6.3. Winning post

The winning post, if specified, is the square you must go on after you've eaten all dituboxes, in order to win.
A winning post is represented by the "Here !" message written onto the ground.